Monday, May 2, 2022

Gr. 5 - 3-D Cake Drawings 2022

Students learned about the element of Form in artworks and about Pop Artists such as Wayne Thibeault and Claud Oldenburg. Students drew 3-D cake illusions and decorated them with their own cake celebration details!

Aiden C.

Zach C.

Waylon A.

Sydney M.

Stephen B.

Maddox B.

Mia Y.

Shane M.

Shaylin S.

Sophia M.

Sophia P.

Logan L.

Logan K.

Kit D.

Kendall F.

Katelyn B.

Jaiden H.

Jacob L.

Jack M.

Ian S.

Haylie J.

Haylie J.

Brielle P.

Brody A.

Bryce M.

Charlotte C.

Dalton S.

Chase S.

Brielle A.

Aria W.

Angele B.

Amilia A.

Alex M.

Aubrey C.

Autumn M.

Avarie V.

Avery V.

Brianna P.

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