Thursday, July 14, 2022

Gr. 5 Texture Collage Art 2022

Grade 5 students learned about the art element of texture. Actual texture is texture you can feel. Visual texture is texture that is illusory, or implied through drawing or other art processes. We used both visual and actual texture for these collages: frottage (texture rubbing) to create illusory textured paper, and collage (layers of various paper glued to a surface). Students chose their own themes for these awesome creations!

Trinity L.

Sophia M.

Waylon A.

Stephen B.

Calleigh D.

Montana V.

Maddox B.

Landon A.

Chase D.

Brody A.

Dylan G.

Aiden C.

Avarie V.

Sydney M.

Brianna P.

Dalton S.

Mia Y.

Amilia A.

Olivia S.

Abel S.

Alex M.

Aria W.

Kit D.

Shane M.

Donovan P.

Isabella D.

Neveah F.

Haylie J.

Shaylin S.

Kendall F.

Autumn M.

Cody S.

Layla A.

Hudson T.

Emma B.


Keathan D.

Brielle P.

Grace S.

Zach C.

Taylor W.

Brielle A.

Ian S.


Katelyn B.

Logan L.

Logan K.

Jacob L.

Sage M.