Friday, November 26, 2021

Gr. 7 - "Peak"-Inspired Mountain Landscapes, 2021

The Grade 7 & 8 2021 summer reading book, Peak by Roland Smith, inspired this project. Students learned about pastel techniques and landscape compositions, then followed a mountain landscape tutorial to create the scene. Then, students used oil pastels in their choices of colors and techniques to create dramatic skies.

Aubrey R.

Avery M.

Brian M.

Catherine P.

Delsie B.

Drew C.

Jamisen K.

Kross E.

Kyle B.

Kyle M.

Lex L.

Louise C.

Madison R.

Nathaniel B.

Rachael F.

Rhiannon H.

Rylee T.

Sarah C.

Sarah P.

Thallon A.

Victoria Q.

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