Saturday, November 27, 2021

Gr. 5 - Still-Life Scratch Art, 2021

 Gr. 5 students practiced contour drawing technique, then chose a theme of objects to use for a still life composition created using multi-colored scratch paper. Choices included shells, leaves, flowers or art supplies. Students etched their objects from direct observation, adding as many details as the eye could see. Students also mounted their artwork for presentation using a color of their choice.

Aiden C.

Alexzander M.

Amilia A.

Avery V.

Brielle P.

Brody A.

Calleigh D.

Chase S.

Donovan P.

Dylan G.

Emma B.

Grace S.

Hudson T.

Ian S.

Jaiden H.

Kendall F.

Kit D.

Logan K.

Logan L.

Mia Y.

Montana V.

Shane M.

Shaylin S.

Waylon A.

Aubrey C.

Haylie J.

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