Monday, May 17, 2021

Gr. 5 & 6- Prehistoric Cave Art

Students learned about Prehistoric art, specifically cave art: the time, the tools, the topics! Students analyzed and interpreted one of the most intriguing examples of prehistoric art, "The Shaft of the Dead Man." Students then used a Cave Art game board to "roll" for images and colors to create their own versions of a prehistoric-style cave drawing using colored pencil on paper.

Amber C.

Cody O.

Delilah M.


Gavin S.

Gianna A.

Jackson A.

Jakob A.

Jonathan G.

Kaylin H.

Kendall D.

Lorelai A.

Lucas O.

Mackenzie O.

Matt D.

Morgan M.

Olivia M.

Owen R.

Reese B.

Serenity S.

Victoria Q.

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