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2020 Doodle 4 GoogleProjects- Gr. 7, Days 2 & 5

Each year, Google challenges K-12 kids across the nation to design a Google logo based on a theme. The 2020 theme was "I Show Kindness By...".  Here are F.M.S. Days 2 & 5 Grade 7 students' take on this idea translated into a Google logo! All students created a design as a class project, entering the contest was optional. Visit the link below to see the 2020 F.M.S. entries!
 2020 Doodle 4 Google FMS Entries Gallery 

Addison D.
“Christmas for the Homeless”
In my drawing I am giving food , clothes and a tent to a homeless lady.I drew this because every year I volunteer at a food pantry and make dinners for homeless people but when I get older I want to give them more.

Aryanna S.
“Kindness Overload”
I am inspired by the showing kindness and the idea that I could someday show kindness and maybe even change the world with my kindness. My design shows mostly how to show kindness and also how to help many others.

Brilynn G.
“Make the Earth Healthy”
My art work is about cleaning the Earth. I drew a recycling bin to out the trash in. I also drew a tree ti show that the Earth is getting healthy.

Camdyn P.
“I Will Always Be Here for You”
My artwork is about someone who has cancer and the girl with the long hair
(me) is always going to be there for the girl. This drawing is very important to me because a family member of mine had cancer and I needed them to know that they are not alone.

Cayden F.
“The Magic of Kindness”
My artwork is about kindness and how to show it. The images I drew were first responders people helping each other and the earth. I did this because all the things all relate back to kindness by helping.

Colin D.
“Kindness is Natural”
Statement: Nature is in a poor situation, but leaning in to help out, in peace and kindness, will rise it up. Accepting others, and even calming and consoling people, will share and spread peace and kindness.

Fatima N.
“Helping The Environment”
 I show kindness by giving people money. I also show kindness by picking up litter off the grass. Everything that I do shows kindness you can do that too. I can also show kindness by watering plants.

Jason C.

Jayla Y.
Jayla Y. 
“Helping the Wonderful Nature”
I show kindness by helping nature. In my drawing, I have how you can easily help nature by recycling, and taking care of the animals. The beautiful Earth deserves so much more kindness than it gets. You can help by doing small things everyday for the Earth.

Joseph M.
“I Can Show Kindness to Nature”
I always liked animals and helping people. I go to a church every other weekend to clean. For example, I pick up trash and clean the floors. I just like helping others because it is the right thing to do.

Kaidavynn C.
“Save Australia”
I drew tomatoes and potatoes because it's what is feeding the animals like the koala bear and the kangaroo. I also drew me putting out the fire because no one wants fire on them. Also I put the animals to represent life.

Kayla S.
“Including Others”
The images I drew mean kindness to me because I show kindness by including others into sports like basketball and also by sharing and treating others the way I want to be treated.

Madison B.

Mason V.
“Planting Friends”
My art work shows two friends planting trees and little bushes and spending time together. My idea shows both being kind by helping friends and being king by helping the environment.

Mateus C.
“Every Living Thing Matters”
My design represents kindness because it is kind to help people on the street, and if you ever find an abandoned dog, you should bring it to a pet store and see if they can take the dog or cat and that’s an act of kindness.

Mia F.
“I Can Show Kindness by Being a Doctor”
For my artwork I chose a doctor, because their kind.They keep people healthy which keeps them alive.So being a doctor is an act of kindness.

Michael P.
“Good Morning”
This work is about saying “hi” to people. Saying “hi” to someone that is having a bad day can change their day from a bad day to a good day. Say if there's a new kid in school, say “hi”, be his friend because stuff like that really helps people and it's so rare for that to happen, but if it was common it would be better.

Nate P.

Neveah S.

“Kindness is Everywhere”
To express this theme, I Dre cans of soup, band aids, a broom, people holding hands, and much more. These ideas express the theme by showing different ways you can show kindness. I thought these things by thinking of things I would do to show kindness and what you can do.

Nayeli N.
“Race Doesn’t Matter”
Racism, it’s spreading, but it shouldn’t be. The color of your skin means nothing, so I made my drawing about being nice to anyone. Showing kindness to anybody no matter their race. People are racist and give other people a hard time, so let’s change that.

Olivia R.
“Protecting the Ocean"
My artwork features me cleaning trash up from the bottom of the ocean. This is important because when there’s trash at the bottom of the ocean, it pollutes the water. I’m being kind to the earth by cleaning the water.

Owen L.
What my artwork is about is M.S. I chose this because my dad has M.S. in his legs. It shows kindness by people helping people with M.S. and by donating money. It also shows that people with M.S are strong.

Quinten T.
“Putting Out Fires”
My doodle is about a firefighter that is putting out a fire that is in a tree, and he is helping the community by putting it out. He is being kind because he is risking his life for other people.

Randy G.
“Our Firefighters”
This idea expresses the theme by showing what firefighter’s use and what they do to help the community.  By being trained to use special tools like a fire hose or the jaws of life, they can take on any problem they face. From putting out small bush fires to extinguishing large house fires, firefighters risk their lives to keep the community safe and sound.

Rylee C.
“My Life’s Future”
Being a nurse you can help other people not get sick, recover from illness and so on. Watering and taking care of plants will provide better oxygen and can give you a positive outlook. Going to medical school will make you a better medical professional.

Rylee V.
“Handicap Sports”
My drawing shows kindness by helping disabled people be active and play sports. My drawing shows someone in a wheelchair shooting a basketball, and being happy they can still play sports, and are included by everyone else.

Samuel S.
“The Kindness Cleaner”
My artwork is about a janitor who shows his kindness by cleaning up. He is cleaning the school for the kids to be in a nice place. I've also shown students who help pick up trash off the floor.

Scarlett V.
“Colorful Hearts”
What I was inspired to draw was love. Love shows kindness and showing you care. In the hearts, I drew some words saying “your’e so kind” and “you’re nice”. I also have a list of names of the people I think are kind.

Travis G.
“Grab a Helping Hand"
My artwork is about helping those in need,I drew hands and my idea expressed the theme by helping one another out because that is what kindness is about.

Tyler B.
“Cleaning a Mess”
My artwork is about recycling and I express that by showing people cleaning.It also shows people recycling by getting rid of trash and putting trash in a recycling bin. I think my drawing shows kindness because everyone is helping the work be a better place.

Wyatt S.
“Giving a Hand”

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