Sunday, March 22, 2020

2020 Doodle 4 Google FMS Contest Entries- Gr. 7

Each year, Google challenges K-12 kids across the nation to design a Google logo based on a theme. The 2020 theme was "I Show Kindness By...". 

All F.M.S. Grade 7 students created a logo as a class project. Entering the national contest was optional. These brave students decided to enter their Google Doodles in the 2020 contest!!! FMS is super proud of them, and they are ALL winners in our eyes! Go Wildcats!

Visit for more information about the Doodle 4 Google contest. And now, here are the FMS 2020 Google Entries! Good luck to everyone!! (See more awesome Google designs created by FMS students in the 2020 Google Galleries for each class.)

Abigail M.
"Kindness Around The World"
In my artwork, the two “G’s” and the “E” are helping to hold the banner. One “O” is a pan with an egg showing I help cook. The other “O” is a world stating that there is kindness around. The “L” is a tree with a homeless man with money.

Aubrey A.

"Bad vs. Good"

My artwork shows how the kindness we do good in this world is putting out the bad in the world.

Calvin D.
"We Are All Family"
My drawing shows that people are there for you, day through night. The hearts on the shirts are the “O”’s. It shows a symbol of love for each other. The day and night show that they are still holding hands. They are wearing different colored shirts because everyone is unique.

Cassandra M.
"Australia’s Crisis"
I drew a drawing about Australia’s wild fires. This project represents kindness by firemen trying their best to help stop the wildfires of Australia. The envelope with the money inside represents me offering to donate $50 to help support firemen, and or damage done by the fires. 

Colin B.
"Saving the Earth"
In my art, I show kindness because I show people saving plant life, cleaning the ocean, and a recycle bin to stop littering all around. It also shows teachers helping students learn and help students be successful in their future. The globe shows how the earth should stay.

Dante A.
"Ways of Kindness"
I drew things people do to show kindness. A man is pulling his friend up from the side. A hand with a bowl of food and water is given to a dog because he is hungry and thirsty. Someone is checking a heart which is full of kindness towards everyone.

Derek O.
"Accepting Others"
My drawing features accepting others, by skin color, and sexualities such as gay, bi, and pan. Also included is being kind to animals, like the dog in the drawing for example. I drew a building on fire to show my respect for firefighters. All the things in my doodle are things I would actually accept, respect or show kindness to. If we can’t do these things, how can we expect others to do it back? 

Jayden T.
"William: Tetrology of the Fallot Survivor"
I show kindness by loving, supporting and helping my nephew William. He was born in 2018 with congenital Heart Disease and Tetrology of the Fallot. Due to his conditions, he had open heart surgery at 8 days old. He was constantly in and out of the hospital.

Kole P.
"Respect Goes a Long Way"
This doodle is made with many different symbols of respect. This doodle represents “I Show Kindness” because I want to respect everybody no matter what as my life continues and as I meet all sorts of people with different emotions.

Leah P.
"Saving The Animals"
My artwork is about what I want to do: help animals. I drew myself giving a cat medicine and arms holding up a dog. Kindness is expressed because animals have feelings, too, and if anyone hurt them, they can feel pain, too.

Maya L.
"Save the Planet"
My art shows to be kind and save the Earth. This includes the people on it and around you. People who are sick are still people and don’t treat them differently.

Morgan R.
"This Is What the World Should Look Like"
To express the theme, I drew things that should happen in the world. I think that there should be more love and kindness, such as giving people notes, no littering, no air pollution, and no smoking. If we have more of these actions in this world, then there will be kindness and people will be happy.

Peyton I.
"A Perfect Future"
My art work is about the rules of kindness that I live by. I support everyone, no matter what they look like how they act or who they date. I also show the Earth kindness by using reusable items and not single-use ones.

Trevor F.
"A Land of Opportunities"
To express the theme of kindness, I drew things like gifts for others, farming, helping the environment, and much more! I did this to show kindness very easily and to make it on the more obvious side of things.

Tyler A.
"Going Out For A Walk"
My design represents a woman walking her dog across the street. A man off to the side is going to be kind and ask if she needs help walking the dog across the street. The man is going to help by taking the dog to the other side of the street for the woman.

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