Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2020 Cabin in the Woods Illustrations- Gr. 6

Great illustrations can tell a story even without words! In this case, 2020 Grade 6 students created illustrations that tell the ending of a very short story:

"You are walking through the woods, and you come upon a cabin. It looks deserted, but you hear sounds coming from inside. You open the door, and you see..."

Here are some selected pencil sketches of possible endings!

Anastasia R.

Ben C.

Bryce C.

Caiden L.

Cody D.

Elianna D.

Hayden A.

Jack R.

Jack S.

Jayden A.

Jayleanna F.

Joshua G.

Kelsey P.

Leah E.

Madeline G.

Sofia P.

Sydney G.

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