Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Gr. 7 2022 Doodle 4 Google Contest Designs

Each year, Google challenges K-12 kids across the nation to design a Google logo based on a theme. The 2022 theme was "I Care for Myself By...". These are our F.M.S. Grade 7 students' take on this idea translated into a Google logo and artist's statements! All students created one as a class project. (Entering the contest was optional, those who entered are marked with a *).

Mackenzie O.*

Lucien L.*

Nate B.*

Madison R.*

Kendall D.*

Jayden R.*

Catherine P.*

Carter A.*

Adrianna P.*

Connor P.

Landon C.

Zelia A.

Thallon A.

Skyla G.

Serenity P.

Sarah P.

Rhiannon H.

Rex D.

Reese B.

Rachael F.

Madelyn B.

Lilly E.

Kross E.

Jonila R.

Jazmine M.

Jack B.

Ella L.

Delsie B.

Danyka F.

Candra A.

Briarose A.

Brian M.

Beckett B.

Avery M.

Averi P.

Audrey P.

Aubrey R.

Abigail D.

Sarah C.

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