Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Gr. 5 Watercolor Transformations 2022

Gr. 5 students learned about the element of color, experimented with color mixing, and tried a variety of watercolor techniques. They painted some color-mixed "blobs" using a fun water resist technique, then added details in black Sharpie to transform the blobs into anything they could imagine. Enjoy these colorful creations!

Waylon A.

Sydney M.

Stephen B.

Sophia M.

Shaylin S.

Layala A.

Kit D.

Kendall F.

Katelyn B.

Joey L.

Jaime V.

Isabella D.

Grace S.

Elijah L.

Donovan P.

brody A.

Angele B.

Amilia A.

Alexzander B.

Chloe R.

Kylie P.

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