Thursday, December 9, 2021

Gr. 6 - Mandala Designs

Gr. 6 students learned about different types of symmetry, then create mandala designs in patterns of spherical symmetry. Mandalas are a traditional Tibetan art form, but you'll see that these mandalas incorporate our own personal and modern themes!

Abigayle T.

Alexa H.

Alexia M.

Aniyah M.

Augusta F.

Ava D.

Avery V.

Brianna R.

Cody O.

Daphne M.

Elijah A.

Gabriella G.

Gavin A.

Gianna A.

Grace F.

Hadrian G.

Isabella S.

Jakob A.

Kiera B.

Kyle S.

Laila V.

Landon A.

Landon P.

Lauren S.

Lea C.

Logan A.

Lorelai A.

Madison P.

Mason M.

Matthew D.

Mia A.

Mikayla B.

Morgan P.

Nathan T.

Nicholas C.

Noah R.

Olivia M.

Quinn C.

Reese D.

Sofia S.

Sydney S.

Sydnie V.

Tyler L.

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