Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Gr. 3 & 4 Color Wheel Challenge

The color wheel is a tool that helps artists identify color categories and color mixes. The Color Wheel Challenge asked grades 3 & 4 students to create a circular assemblage using objects in primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Enjoy these colorful creations!

James M.

Adele F.

Amelie B.

Angelina D.

Avery V.

Chance E.

Dylan G.

Emeric D.

Emmerson H.

Giada S.

Grace S.

Husdon T.

Jack M.

Jackson T.

Jessica L.

Joseph L.

Keegan S.

Liam M.

Madelyn P.

Mya L.

Owen A.

Roman L.

Russell S.

Sage M.

Shaylin S.

Thomas B.

Victoria D.

Wynter G.

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