Monday, April 26, 2021

K-2 Incredible Insects

It's spring and nature brings us lots of great things at this time of year, like flowers and sunshine and bugs. BUGS??? Yes, bugs!! Insects are not only important to the environment, but they are also pretty amazing to look at, even beautiful. Grade K-2 learned about the amazing world of insects, then created an art work showing an bug of their own creation. Enjoy our "incredible insects"!!

Jaxxon A.

Abigail S.

Addison K.

Andrew D.

Archer D.

Ava C.

Ava M.

Avery C.

Ayla D.

Brooke R.

Bryson D.

Camden M.

Cameron F.

Chase C.

Christopher C.

Collin A.

Dixon O.

Ella F.

Emily A.

Ethan L.

Gabriella L.

Gabriella S.

Isaiah C.

Jacob M.

Jonah L.

Jordan I.

Jordan S.

Kourtlan C.

Logan O.

Mackenzie M.

Madison M.

Maisen T.

Mason A.

Nathan R.

Nicholas T.

Parker L.

Parker Z.

Quinn W.

Quinn Z.

Rorie V.

Samantha L.

Tyler L.

Tory M.

Willow N.

Tatum B.

Marie D.

Charlotte M.

Kaylee N.

Madison L.

Landon P.

Valentina V.

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