Saturday, March 27, 2021

Kindergarten: "Our Community" Murals

Kindergarten listened to the book "Maybe Something Beautiful" by Campoy, Howell and Lopez, based on a true story about a mural project created by an entire community in San Diego, CA. 

Each student then chose and created at least one image to "build" our vision of what makes our community of Acushnet special. We included houses, police stations, people, pets, trees, our school, rainbows and more!! Students collaborated to assemble all of the mural pieces so that everyone in each class contributed to creating the final art work. 

Here are our finished murals. We hope you love our interpretations of our awesome community!!

Mrs. Boulds' Homeroom

Mrs. B. Silva's Homeroom

Mrs. Charpentier's  Homeroom

Mrs. Coelho's Homeroom

Mrs. J. Silva's Homeroom

Mrs. Rodrigues' Homeroom

Mrs. Vieira's  Homeroom

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