Saturday, March 20, 2021

Gr. K & 1 Crazy Creativity Challenge

Time to get creative! Students exercised their imaginations by creating an artwork based on their choice of a crazy creative prompt, such as the sun eating a pizza, a snail surfing, a cotton candy monkey and more!

Myra A. 

Willow N.

Tory M.

Sami L.

Quinn Z.

Quinn W.

Parker Z.

Nick T.

Mason C.

Madison M.

Madelyn L.

Kourtlan C.

Kaylee N.

Jett W.

Ivy D.

Haleigh M.

Gavin O.

Gabriella L.

Ethan L.

Ellie H.

Dixon O.

Delaney S.

Chase C.

Charlotte M.

Ella F.

Bryson D.

Brooke R.

Benjamin C.

Ava C.

Andrew D.


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