Saturday, March 13, 2021

Gr. 6 Sculpture Choice Board Projects

Students in Grade 6 were introduced to the art of sculpture, including forms, styles and materials. Students then chose a sculpture theme and material from a choice board, including found object/recycled sculpture, lego sculpture, paper hat/wig sculpture, or tin foil sculpture. Enjoy these super creative 3-D creations!!!

Alex A.

Audrey P.

Brian M.

Delilah M.

Delsie B.

Easton D.

Ella L.

Haris N.

Jacoby A.

Kendall D.

Kross E.

Kyle M.

Leigha N.

Lucas O.

Nicholas D.

Nicholas M.

Olivia S.

Resse B.

Rhiannon H.

Ryann M.

Serenity M.

Victoria Q.

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