Sunday, February 21, 2021

Gr. K & 1 Snowman-Inspired Art

After watching and/or reading Snowmen at Work by Caralyn and Mark Buehner, students in Grades K and 1 were challenged to create their choice of snowman art: an art work showing a snowman performing a job or career, an edible snowman, a snowman sculpture from actual snow or found objects, or an art work showing an imaginary snow creature. These came out amazing!! Great job to all of the students and to the parents who supported and helped with these projects!

Brielyn & Dylan D.

Liam D.

Aleah D.

Archer D.

Aubrey P.

Ava C.

Ben C.

Brooke R.

Bryason D.

Chase C.

Chase C.

Dixon O.

Elias E.

Ella F.

Ella F.

Ethan L.

Gabriella L.

Gavin. O.

Grayson G.

Haleigh M.

Hunter D.

Hunter D.

Jacob M.

Jett W.

Kayden C.

Kaylee N.

Kourtlan C.

Landon P.

Mac S.

Madison L.

Madison M.

Nathan V.

Nicholas P.

Nicholas T.

Parker Z.

Quinn W.

Quinn Z.

Rorie V.

Ryan E.

Sami L.

Myra A.

Sofia F.

Victoria M.

Willow N.

Mason C.

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