Thursday, January 28, 2021

Gr. 8 Digital Snowflake Designs

  Students in Grade 7 Learned about the art and science behind snowflake formations. Then using a digital snowflake creator, students designed virtual paper snowflakes using tessellating polygons. Sound like fun? Try it yourself: Digital Paper Snowflake Maker

Alanna R.

Aubrey Am.

Aubrey An.

Cassandra M.

Colin B.

Collin T.

Emma L.

Griffin L.

Jacob M.

Jacob M.

Jayden T.

Jayla Y.

Jayleanna F.

Jayleanna F.

Jayleanna F.

Julia B.

Makayla W.

Mason P.

Maya L.

Olivia R.

Randy G.

Trevor F.

Tyler A.

Vinny G.

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