Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Gr. 5 & 6 Creative Self-Portraits

Grades 5 & 6 learned about the #1 genre or theme of art in all of history: The Portrait, or more specifically the “selfie”, or self-portrait! Students had 4 ideas of self-portrait themes to choose from (Future You, Lego You, Superhero or Everyday! These are not your traditional portraits, but even more fun and creative. Enjoy!!

Abigail D.

Lucas O.

Abigayle T.

Adrianna F. 

Alex A.

Amber C.

Audrey P.

Brayden L.

Catherine P.

Charles B.

Daniella G.

Daphne M.

Easton D,

Evie C.


Gianna A.

Grace F.

Jackson A.

Jazmine M.

Jonathan G.

Kiana A.

Kross E.

Kyle M.

Landon O.

Landon P.

Leigha N.

Mackenzie O.

Maddox L.

Mason F.

Matt D.

Mikayla B.

Morgan P.

Neil Suee L.

Olivia S.

Owen R.

Quinn C.

Reese B.

Victoria Q.

Serenity P.

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