Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Gr. 2 Rainbow Crow Illustrations

 Students in Grade 2 read, listened to or watched the Native American folk tale known as "Rainbow Crow". Using visualization skills and some imagination, students then created an illustration showing their favorite part or parts of this inspiring story from the Lenape tribe.

Abigail S. 

Acadia A.

Alaina A.

Ariella C.

Austin R.

Autumn C.

Ava M.

Ayla D.

Brooke R.

Cayden S.

Corbin M.

Emmalyn M.

Isaiah C.

Jacoby Y.

Jameson W.

Jaxxon A.

Jayce W.

Logan O.

Mackenzie M.

Matthew R.

Norah C.

Tatum B.

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