Saturday, November 28, 2020

Gr. 5 & 6 Zentangle Spider Webs 2020-21

 2020-21 Grade 5 & 6 students looked at images of spider webs in nature and drew along with a step-by-step video to create their own webs, then added a spider or two if they wished. Students the created or adapted their own "Zentangle"-style patterns to the negative spaces between the spider webs to complete their art works! An optional advanced step was to add shadows along the edges of the web for a magical 3-D illusion.

Augusta S.

Abigail D.

Abigail F.

Abigayle T.

Alex A.

Alexia M.

Alexis B.

Avery V.

Daniel B.

Elijah A.

Ella L.

Ellison U.

Evie C.

Gianna A.

Grace F.

Kaiden W.

Keegan S.

Kendall D.

Kevin L.

Kyle B.

Logan L.

Lorelai A.

Lucas O.

Matthew D.

Mikayla B.

Nathan W.

Neil Sue L.

Nicholas C.


Owen R.

Reese B.

Ryann M.

Sophie B.

Audrey P.

Charlie B.

Delilah M.

Jack F.

Kross E.

Leigha N.

Caden M.

Logan A.

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