Sunday, October 25, 2020

2020 Gr. 8 Choice Project Highlights #3: Drawing Studies, Social Justice, & 3-D Art

During remote learning in May-June 2020, students chose their own art projects based on their grade level standards from a "Choice Board" created just for F.M.S. students. Students submitted many fantastic and creative art works- please enjoy!!

Drawing Studies: From life and original photos

Tom M.

Aaron P.

Alyse M.

Arianna T.

Avery R.

Brendon C.

Brianna M.

Kiana C.

Kylee M.

Lexi C.

River S.

Brianna M.

Meghan L.

Olivia P.

Social Justice & Important World Issues

Aiden P.

Lexi C.

Madison A.

Zoe H.

Arianna T.

Hannah E.

Kam L.

3-D Art

Luke F.

Emma M.

Emma M.

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