Friday, April 24, 2020

Color Wheel Challenge 2020!!

The F.M.S. Color Wheel Challenge Contest Results!!!

This contest was open to all students at F.M.S. during school closure in March and April.
The challenge was to find things around the house in ranges of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple and organize them into a color wheel. 

Students who participated created such creative, colorful and fun designs-- you are all winners to me!! Thanks to family members who helped out, too! Everyone who entered will get Cat Coins when we return to school in the fall. 

Ms. Daniels will be in touch with the winners about their prizes.
Scroll down to see ALL entries!

Best in Show/Most Impressive - Rex D., Gr. 5
Best Color Range - Marissa R., Gr. 6 
Most Stylish - Chelsea A., Gr. 8
Yummiest- (Tie) Adrianna P., Gr. 5 & Audrey P., Gr. 5
Most Symmetrical- Maddox L., Gr. 5
Best Use of Theme - Lucas O., Gr. 5

Rex D. 
Winner: Best in Show-Most Impressive!

Abigail M.

Adrianna M.

Adrianna P. 
Winner: Yummiest

Adrianna P.

Alexis F.

Allison M.

Angelina L.

Aryana S.

Aubrey A.

Audrey P.
Winner: Yummiest

Averi P.

Brady M.

Caiden S.

Catherine P.

Chelsea A. 
 Winner: Most Stylish

Clayton C.

Connor P.

Emma G. 

Emma N.

Isabella F.

Jack S.

Jamison K.

Jayla Y.

Lucas O. 
Winner: Best Use of Theme

Luke F.

Lindsay S.

Marissa R. 
Winner: Best Color Range

Maddox L.
Winner: Most Symmetrical

Mason G.

Mason G.

Nate B.

Phillip T.

Sarah C.

Ryley F.

Sabrina C.

Sarah C.

Serenity P.

Sydney M.

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