Monday, January 13, 2020

2020 Rainbow Still Life Art- Gr. 5 Days 3 & 6

Grade 5 students practiced contour line drawing techniques and created these scratch art still life studies of their choice of sea shells, art supplies or autumn leaves during Semester 1. Students also invented their own titles for their works. Here is the collection created by students in the Day 3 and 6 art classes.

"Sunny Day" by Audrina R.

"The Quest" by Brianna W.

"Shell Collection" by Alexander A.

"Weird Things Are Happening with Nature's Flowers" by Allison D.

Delsie B.

"Rainbow" by Olivia S.

"Falling Leaves" by Kyle B.

"Flowers in a Meadow" by Mackenzi S.

Sarah C.

"By the Beach" by Kasen C.

"Sunset Designs" by Connor P.

"By the Sea" by Sarah P.

"Shell Life" by Delilah M.

"Shells" by Aubrey P.

Lilly E.

Barrett M.

"Magical Leaves" by Aryanah S.

"Drop the Leaves" by Kross E.

"Leaf Vinci" by Catherine P.

"Colors" by Avery S.

"Magical Wilderness" by Aubrey R.

"Leaves" by Lyla B.

"Falling Time" by Landon C.

Adrianna P.

"Flower Maze" by Serenity P.

"Dropped your Art Supplies" by Rachael F.

"A Colorful Fall" by Lex L.

"Shell City" by Kyle M.

"Leaves" by Amber C.

"Leaves" by Logan V.

Logan L.

"Leaf Power" by Rylee T.

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