Wednesday, June 12, 2019

2019 Zentangle Expressions

2018-19 Grade 7 students created these art works using Zentangle-style techniques, creating patterns that help calm and focus the mind. Students each chose a symbol with personal meaning or representing a personal  interest for the center of the design. These compositions were worked on a little at a time, all year, as a warm up activity at the start of each class.

Adrianna M.

Ryan P.

Dante B.

Derick C.

Emma M.

Hunter B.

Landon L.

Kianna C.

Lexi C.

Tessa W.

Michael V.

Ella L.

Mason B.

Sarah M.

Zachary P.

Angel P.

Elizz D.

Nate G.

Alora C.

Victor F.

Jisela N.

Emma G.

Isabel H.

Lana L.

Madison L.

Meghan L.

Olivia M.

Ryleigh D.

Shane P.

Todd S.

Lucas F.

Tyler V.

Cheyanne D.

Donovan B.

Hannah E.

Jonathan B.

Jenna F.

Noah G.

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