Tuesday, May 29, 2018

2018 F.M.S. Festival of the Arts

The 2018 annual F.M.S. Festival of the Arts was held on the evening of May 3, 2018.

This year's festival featured exhibits throughout the building of more than 700 art works created by students in grades 5 though 8 and Art Club. The F.M.S. Chorus featuring students from grades 6-8 performed 2 programs. Students who received art award ribbons at the festival were chosen by special guest judges. These students also had their art works featured in a special exhibit at the Acushnet Art Show in June. Great job to all of our F.M.S. artists and musicians!

Special thanks to Music Director Mr. Shanbrun, administrators Mrs. Silvia, Mrs. Ruggieri, and Mr. Shea, our custodian Mr. Smith, Media Club Advisor Ms. Cote, Gr. 8 Social Studies teacher Mr. Casey, Art Club show helpers, and the grade 8 student exhibit helpers (Sophia, Mason, Isaiah, Ben, and Sarah) whose support and assistance made this evening possible!

Ella as Cleopatra welcomes visitors to our show!

Egyptian Princesses Cameryn and Ella

Venetian Carnival Mask by Samantha B., Grade 8

Venetian Carnival Mask by Jack R., Grade 8

Venetian Carnival Mask by Kayla P., Grade 8

Venetian Carnival Mask by Matt. B, Grade 8

The F.M.S. Chorus performs their Spring Concert

Medici Project example by Jack R., Grade 8

Art Club Paintings by Maya and Mila

Art Club Sculptures

Sculpture by Mila, Gr. 6 Art Club

Gargoyles by Grade 6

Medici Projects by Mr. Casey's Grade 8 Students

Comic Strips by Media Club with Ms. Cote

Comic Strips by Media Club with Ms. Cote

2019 Festival Logo Finalists

Venetian Carnival Mask by Ben D., Grade 8

Venetian Carnival Mask by Lilly D., Grade 8

Medici Project example by Lily T., Grade 8

Grade 7 Egyptian Canopic Jar Exhibit

Gargoyles by Grade 6

Inspiration Wings: A collaboration of all grades

Jurassic Art by Matt T, Grade 6

Medici Project by Alissa A.

Portrait of Lorenzo de Medici by Loveigh R.

Medici Project by Chrysanthi S.

Jaryd and Inspiration Wings

Corridors filled with art displays!

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