Wednesday, May 30, 2018

2018 FMS Art Club Anthology

The 2017-18 Art Club Anthology was created by F.M.S. Art Club members in grades 5-8 and features each artist's signature style! 

The printing of this project was funded by a grant from the Acushnet Cultural Council, a local agency operating under the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a local agency. Thank you to the Acushnet Cultural Council for their support!

Alissa A., Gr. 8

Mila A., Gr. 6

Chassidy B., Gr. 7

Julia B., Gr. 5

Ella C. & Cameryn M., Gr. 5

Tyler C., Gr. 7

Alexandra C., Gr. 6

Tyler F., Gr. 5

Emma G., Gr. 6

Griffin L., Gr. 5

Maya L., Gr. 5

Joshua L., Gr. 7

Cameryn M., Gr. 5

Brittany M., Gr. 6

Emma M., Gr. 8

Dylan M., Gr. 7

Ryan P., Gr. 6

Allana P., Gr. 8

Elizabeth P., Gr. 7

Dylan S., Gr. 7

Matt T., Gr. 6

Nicolas T., Gr. 7

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