Tuesday, May 29, 2018

2018 Doodle 4 Google Logos

Each year, Google challenges kids across the nation to design a Google logo based on their theme. The 2018 theme was "What Inspires Me". Here are grade 7 FMS students' take on this idea!

Alexa C.

Austin M.

Ava O.

Caden L.

Hunter R.

Jacque B.

Jayden T.

Jisela N.

Natalia S.

Nicole C.

Tyler C.

Abigail S.

Ben Q.

Cashlyn S.

Joshua L.

Karina A.

Kailey S.

Kennedy M.

Kylie G.

Liza P.

Nic T.

Tenley D.

Terrence R.

Abby T.

Mikayla B.

Stella D.

Dominic V.

Tyler V.

Catia F.

Donovan S.

Andrew D.

Sara L.

Haley W.

Peyton A.

Aurora W.

Leah M.

Elizabeth P.

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