Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pop Art Portraits by 2014-15 Gr. 5 & 6 Art Club

This year, Grade 5 & 6 Art Club created art works on canvas based on the Pop Art paintings of artists including Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. In March, Art on Center director Stacey Frates visited the Art Club at the F.M.S. art room and gave students a workshop on how to write their own artists' biographies and helped students to plan the set-up and promotion of their exhibit. 

Then, the Art Club students took a field trip to Art on Center to hang and host the "Pop Art Portraits" exhibit's public opening reception on March 30, 2015. There was a fantastic turn out, including F.M.S. staff, families and friends of our members, and the general public.

The art works were exhibited until April 23rd, and have been transported to F.M.S. to be displayed in the front foyer case at the 2015 Festival of the Arts on May 6, 2015. Great job to all of our now "famous" artists!

This project was funded by the Acushnet Cultural Council, a local organization supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Special thanks to: the Acushnet Cultural Council, director Stacey Frates and Art on Center volunteers, student photographers Emma and Kaylyn, Team Exhibit, Team Refreshments, Team Guestbook, Exhibit Guest Greeters, Ms. D's special assistant Sam R., and all family and friends who attended our event!!
 Self-Portrait by Sam R., Grade 6
 Puppy Portrait by Olivia C., Grade 6
 Pet Portrait by Cameron P., Grade 5
 Self-Portrait by Cheyann T., Grade7
  Puppy Portrait by Cailyn L., Grade 6
Mendeleev by Christopher F., Grade 5
Taylor Swift by Audra S., Grade 6
 Puppy Portrait by Alissa A., Grade 6
 Self-Portrait by Derek W., Grade 6

 Pet Bunny by Holly P., Grade 5
Husky Portrait by Kaylyn B., Grade 6
 Self-Portrait by Mike B., Grade 6

Good Mythical Morning by Mackenzie P., Grade 6

Finn Harries by Emma P., Grade 6
Woof by Casity B., Grade 5   
Country Star by Kiah A., Grade 5  

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