Saturday, April 12, 2014

Twisted Forest by 2013-14 Gr. 5 & 6 Art Club

Grade 5 & 6 Art Cub created art works on canvas based on the "Tree of Life" paintings of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. The students then took two field trips to Art on Center in Fairhaven, MA where director Stacey Frates gave them a workshop on how to set up and promote an exhibit. The students helped to launch the "Twisted Forest" exhibit's opening reception on April 10, 2014. The art works will be exhibited until April 17th, at which time they will be transported back to F.M.S. to be displayed at the 2014 Festival of the Arts on May 8, 2014. Great job to all of our now "famous" artists! This project was funded by the Acushnet Cultural Council, a local organization supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Special thanks to: the Acushnet Cultural Council, director Stacey Frates and Art on Center volunteer Nura Walters, student photographers Camrin and Libby, Team Exhibit, Team Refreshments, Team Guestbook, Exhibit Guest Greeters, Ms. D's special assistant Sam R., chaperones Miss Sturgeon and Mrs. Howard, and all family and friends who attended our event!!

"Twisted Forest" postcard and poster designed by Camrin R.


  1. Hi I go to this school I just came in from fifth grade and I can't wait to work with you, Ms. Daniels!

    - Madison Akin

  2. I hope you're enjoying art so far!! It is great having you in class!!