Monday, June 10, 2019

2020 Arts Fest Logo Finalists

At the 2019 Festival of the Arts, these logos were voted on as finalists for the 2020 Festival Logo Competition! The contest was open to all grades and the winner's design will be featured as next year's logo. It was also the April Contest of the Month, so the winner received a $10 Gift Card to Michael's Arts and Crafts. Congrats to our winner Lexi C., Class of 2020!

Lexi C., Gr. 7

Abby T., Gr. 8

Donovan, Gr. 8

Jadynn, Gr. 8

Alexis, Gr. 6

Liza, Gr. 8

Lucas, Gr. 6

Tessa W., Gr. 7

Tyler B., Gr. 6

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