Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Winter Tree Landscapes 2017

2016-17 Grade 5 students created these watercolor resist winter landscape paintings. Students learned about creating illusory space and how to draw realistic trees, then used sharpie to create the tree silhouettes. White crayon gave us some snow high lights in the students' choices of cool or warm sky tones.

Alexandra C.

Alora C.

Anna P.

Arianna T.

Avery R.

Brendon C.

Camden R.

Carissa D.

Dominic B.

Emma G.

Emma M.

Giovanna L.

Isabel H.

Jean-Luke L.

Julia L.

Lana L.

Madison D. - 2017 Festival Winner!

McKenna B.

Melody M.

Michael V.

Nathan D.

Olivia T.

Preston A.

Riley P.

Ryan P.

Ryleigh D.

Sabrina C.

Taylor B.

Tessa W.

Thomas M.

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