Sunday, June 5, 2016

2016 Illustrated Idioms

Semester 1 Grade 7 students researched common American English idioms and chose their favorites to illustrate in an original art work.  Using a 2-page picture book spread format, students used water color pencil techniques and ink to illustrate the literal and figurative meanings of their chosen idioms.

Abby B.

Abby D.

Aiden R.

Alice M.

Alyssa C.

Allyson M.

Ben D.

Charlie F. (2016 Festival Award Winner)

Colby M.

Colin L.

Dylan B.

Ethan G.

Felicity C. 

Isabelle P.

Jaeli S. (2016 Festival Award Winner)

Julia S.

Kate B.

Krystal D.

Lamina D.

Mackenzie P.

Madeline D.

Olivia C.

Paige B.

Peter R.

Riley D.

Sarah L.

Seth M.

Sydney L.

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