Friday, May 28, 2021

Rm. 107 Pointillism Art

 Students in Room 107 at F.M.S. studied the style of Pointillism and the work of Georges Seurat. Then, students used pastels to create their own pointillism with subjects of their own choosing.

by Alexa P.

"Tropical Landscape"
Beckett B.

"The Hammer of Thor"
by Logan V.

"The Eiffel Tower"
by Audrey P.

"Lion vs. Tiger"
by Lucien L.

"Undersea Scene"
by Deihanna M.

"A Tree in France"
by Grace P.

"Just Do It"
by Austin G.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Rm. 107 Modern Mona Lisas

Students in Rm. 107 studied the art of Leonardo da Vinci, including his famous portrait, the Mona Lisa. Students them created a parody of Mona, imagining what she might be like today or just in their imaginations...

"Leopard Lisa" by Alexa

"Officer Lisa" by Lucien

"Jaguar Lisa" by Audrey 

"Mermaid Lisa" by Deihanna

"Sunny Lisa" by Grace

"Zombie Mechanic Lisa" by Logan

"Michael Lisa" by Austin

Friday, May 21, 2021

Gr. 3 & 4 - Landscape Art

Students in Grades 3 & 4 learned about the subject of landscapes in art, and how artists such as Van Gogh, O'Keeffe, Duncanson, Monet and Hopper created art about the worlds around them. Then students chose from a variety of guided projects to start a landscape, and added their own touches to make their art works unique.  

Aiden C.

Jessica L.

Anthony R.

Sophie A.

Amelie B.

Brielle A.

Chase S.

Devin c.

Dylan G.

Joey L.

Katelyn B.

Madelyn P.

Shaylin S.

Stephen B.

Thomas B.

Wynter G.

Colton D.

Devin L.

Dylan G.

Emmerson H.

Lavon L.

Jackson T.

Avery V.

Bentley F.

Lilah P.

Logan F.

Lyric G.

Natalie S.

Brianna P.

Victoria D.

Russell S.

Angelina D.

James M.

Gr. K-2 - Collage Art!

 Students learned about the art of collage-- art created from gluing cut paper or other art materials to a surface-- and looked at art by famous collage artists such as Henri Matisse and Romare Bearden. Then it was time to make our own!! Students chose from 3 different ideas as starting points for their collage creations...

Abigail S.

Addison K.

Ava C.

Ava M.

Brady P.

Brooke R.

Bryce T.

Bryson D.

Cameron F.

Cayden S.

Dixon O.

Ella F.

Ethan L.

Isaiah C.

Jacoby Y.

Jake V.

Jaxxon A.

Jonah L.

Jordan I.

Jordan S.

Logan O.

Lucas A.

Mackenzie M.

Matthew R.

Nathan R.

Nicholas T.

Parker L.

Parker Z.

Quinn W.

Quinn Z.

Sami L.

Tory M.

Athyn S.

Mac S.