Thursday, June 13, 2019

2019 Google Doodles: Countries of the World

2018-19 Grade 7 students tried their hands at the real-life career of being a "Google Doodler". These artists have the task of coming up with "Doodles" based on the famous Google logo to feature on the search engine's web page. This job requires creativity, originality, research, and the ability to communicate using symbolism. Our challenge was to create a Google celebrating a world country or culture. Can you identify the country in each of these Doodles??

Ava F.

Cheyanne D.

Christina P.

Cole R.

Ella L.

Emma C.

Emma G.

Emma M.

Isabel H.

Kacie C.

Lexi C.

McKenna B.

Mike V.

Tessa B.

Tyler V.

Zach P.

2019 Coats of Arms

2018-19 Grade 6 Students studied the art of the Middle Ages. The tradition of a family Coat of Arms began in the Middle Ages. This art work includes a variety of symbols and colors on a shield representing the family. Students used colored pencil techniques to complete their original designs, and Model Magic with metallic paint to create their 3-D helms.