Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018-19 F.M.S. Artists of the Month

Each month, Ms. Daniels' Art Class Web Page features a student who has earned the distinction of "Artist of the Month".  Each student is an exemplar of outstanding artist and student every day. The student's name and a selected art work will appear on the web site's main page for the month, and the student will receive recognition through the F.M.S. PBIS program!

Congratulations to the "Artists of the Month" for 2018-19:

May 2019: 

Colin D., Grade 6

April 2019: 
Jadynn T., Grade 8

March 2019: 
Ashley M., Grade 5

February 2019: 
Camden B., Grade 5

January 2019: 
Mesha R., Grade 7

December 2018: 
Dalaney A., Grade 5

November 2018: 
Dylan S., Grade 8

September/October 2018: 
Maison S., Grade 8

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Venetian Carnivale Masks

2017-18 grade 8 art students studied the enduring art of traditional Venetian mask making and its uses in the past and present. This challenging long-term project takes us from a sketched idea all the way through to making the mask a reality!

Students created their masks based on original sketches inspired by traditional designs and themes of the mezzo-volto Columbina style used for centuries to celebrate Carnivale in Vencie, Italy. Students were encouraged to create unique designs while considering functionality and construction limitations, use of the entire surface space, concept or theme, color scheme, and more.

When the design plan was in place, students built the 3-D mask form from plaster craft (plaster-soaked gauze) by hand, unmolded the forms, then painted the design work with acrylics. The final touches were textural elements and embellishments added to the surface to complete the final work.

Layla A. - 2018 Art Festival Award

Angelina D. - 2018 Art Festival Award

Samantha B.

Joshua N.

Arianna B.

Jack R.

Shawna R.

Owen R. - 2018 Art Festival Award

Kayla P.

Allana P.

Devin M.

Camden M.

Lilly D.

Joshua S.

Michael R.

Matt B.

Tyler Y.

Luke L.

Jazlyn G. - 2018 Art Festival Award

Nicholas G.

Allison F.

Jessalyn C.

Kennedy B.

Cameron C.

Isaiah B.

Mikayla B.

Nolan A.

Kennedy A.

Sophia L.

Loveigh R. - 2018 Art Festival Award

Sylvia B.

Logan S.

Holly P.

Isaiah O. - 2018 Art Festival Award

Jacob L.

Ben D.

Brendan T.

Kaci P.

Mason F. - 2018 Art Festival Award

Chrysanthi S.

Emma M.

Arianna B.

Jade R.

Allissa A.