Sunday, June 5, 2016

2016 F.M.S. Festival of the Arts

This annual events features art and music presented by students at Ford Middle School in Acushnet.
The F.M.S. Chorus and small instrumental groups perform under the direction of Mr. Shanbrun. Art works on display were created in classes and in Art Club with Ms. Daniels and our Semester 2 UMASS Dartmouth student art teacher Ms. Wiltshire. This year's festival was held on Thursday, May 5, 2016. The evening was well attended and everyone has a great time!  To see pictures of the art award winner's pieces, visit the 2016 Winners Gallery.

2015 Art Studio Business Plans

Student teacher Ms. Wiltshire led this awesome lesson about art careers and businesses in the real world! Grade 8 students collaborated on business plans for art studios and created samples of merchandise and promotional materials for their businesses. Each group was required to design and choose logo designs, figure cost and profit analyses, and decide on their marketing plans. Every member had to contribute elements for the final presentation. Finally, the groups presented a display featuring their merchandise and business models. We are ready for investors!

Artists at work: Landscape Design

Artists at work: Billboard Design

Artists at Work: Custom microphone design with gold accents

Pottery Business Cards

Video Game Designers

Designer Donuts!

Let donuts ring!!!!
(by Aidan F., 2016 Festival Winner)

Soccer Jersey Designs!

Billboard prototype

Photography and custom welded metal frames

Dance and Performing Arts Studio Merchandise

Every dancer needs a water bottle!

Backpack for dancer's gear

Video Game Character Concept Designs (by Gen T., 2016 Festival Winner)

Painting and ceramics

Logo design

Logo design

Logo design

Pretty painted pottery and super cute tiny llama mascot!

Painting and Pottery

...on display at the 2016 Festival of the Arts...