Thursday, June 13, 2013

Medieval Coats of Arms

The art form of "heraldry" was developed in the Middle Ages. Designs using symbols of one's family or clan were used to mark property or persons. These coats of arms were designed by Grade 6 semester 2 students.

Illuminated Calligraphy Quotes

These art works created by 8th graders (class of 2013) feature hand-lettered calligraphy and corner design illuminations.



Sunday, June 2, 2013

Celebration Cakes Still Life Paintings

These cake still life compositions by Grade 5 semester 2 students were inspired by the art of Wayne Thiebaud. After drawing the cakes to simulate 3-D forms and "decorating" them, students used watercolor pencils to give each cake its own monochromatic color scheme.

Australian X-Ray Paintings

These "X-Ray" paintings created by Grade 7 semester 2 students are based on this traditional art form of Australia using indigenous animals as the inspiration for the art works.

Abby C.

Alicia R.

Riley T.
Molly A.
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Sean R.
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Bailey C.
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