Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017 Dream Rocket Project

Two classes of grade 7 students participated in the Dream Rocket project in 2017. This was the first time for F.M.S. to get involved in this unique art exhibit!

Sponsored by the Dream Rocket project and the Untied States National Parks Departments across the country, our students art work will be on display at New Bedford Whaling Historical National Park from August 1 to September 30, 2017 and then will be incorporated into a giant art work to be wrapped around the "NASA Dream Rocket". This rocket will eventually be put on display at sites all around the U.S.

This year's theme for participating students in the New Bedford Area was "Strength in Diversity". We were asked to consider our community's past and present and how diversity makes us stronger.

Questions for informing our art included:
  • What is Acushnet’s legacy of diversity?
  • How will that diversity alter the future of Acushnet from this point on?
  • Will our diversity strengthen our future or divide us?

Our students took images of Acushnet historical landmarks and incorporated flags from all of the nationalities of the students in each group. Other symbols of inclusion and diversity were used to show that we will all stand together. These students came together as 4 teams and created their visions of our town's future and past.

Hope you will stop by the local exhibit this summer at the New Bedford Whaling Historical National Park Visitor's Center:

And check out the FMS page on the official Dream Rocket Project site

on Flickr

& on Facebook

 Team work!! Our art in progress...

Congratulations to our awesome Dream Rocket Teams!!

Team Acushnet Sawmill: Brendan T., Logan S., Ava P.
Holly P., Cassandra S.

"The Acushnet Sawmill Preserve Fish Ladder with Flags"

Team White's Mill: Kaci B., Cam G., Devin M., Luke M.

"White's Mill with Symbols of Diversity and Freedom"

Team Acushnet-New Bedford Bridge: Allyssa A., Christian C., Ben L., 
Alaiysha R., Krystal D., Isaiah B. (not pictured)

 "Acushnet-New Bedford Bridge with Symbols of Heritage and Diversity"

Team Long Plain: Ryan P., Jacob L., Sophia L.,
Tyler Y., Jazlyn G., Layla A.

 "Long Plain Museum with Flags and Symbols of Our Diversity"

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