Tuesday, June 9, 2020

2020 Medieval Illuminated Letters- Gr. 6

Before school closure, Grade 6 students were just finishing these beauties based on the Medieval art form of illuminated letters. We learned about the many amazing art forms from this time period, also known as the Middle Ages, then students created an illuminated letter design based on their choice of letter and created 3-D illusions with a vine wrap drawing technique. Students added their own personal design elements, colors, borders, and even some "gold leaf". These were created by students in Class # 601.

Alexis M.

Anastasia R.

Ben D.

Brady M.

Chet S.

Cole P.

Hayden A.

Jack R.

Leah E.

Maddie G.

Madison C.

Matt C.

Peyton F.

Ryder M.

Sydney G.