Friday, April 24, 2020

Color Wheel Challenge 2020!!

The F.M.S. Color Wheel Challenge Contest Results!!!

This contest was open to all students at F.M.S. during school closure in March and April.
The challenge was to find things around the house in ranges of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple and organize them into a color wheel. 

Students who participated created such creative, colorful and fun designs-- you are all winners to me!! Thanks to family members who helped out, too! Everyone who entered will get Cat Coins when we return to school in the fall. 

Ms. Daniels will be in touch with the winners about their prizes.
Scroll down to see ALL entries!

Best in Show/Most Impressive - Rex D., Gr. 5
Best Color Range - Marissa R., Gr. 6 
Most Stylish - Chelsea A., Gr. 8
Yummiest- (Tie) Adrianna P., Gr. 5 & Audrey P., Gr. 5
Most Symmetrical- Maddox L., Gr. 5
Best Use of Theme - Lucas O., Gr. 5

Rex D. 
Winner: Best in Show-Most Impressive!

Abigail M.

Adrianna M.

Adrianna P. 
Winner: Yummiest

Adrianna P.

Alexis F.

Allison M.

Angelina L.

Aryana S.

Aubrey A.

Audrey P.
Winner: Yummiest

Averi P.

Brady M.

Caiden S.

Catherine P.

Chelsea A. 
 Winner: Most Stylish

Clayton C.

Connor P.

Emma G. 

Emma N.

Isabella F.

Jack S.

Jamison K.

Jayla Y.

Lucas O. 
Winner: Best Use of Theme

Luke F.

Lindsay S.

Marissa R. 
Winner: Best Color Range

Maddox L.
Winner: Most Symmetrical

Mason G.

Mason G.

Nate B.

Phillip T.

Sarah C.

Ryley F.

Sabrina C.

Sarah C.

Serenity P.

Sydney M.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

2020 Doodle 4 Google Projects- Gr. 7, Days 3 & 6

Each year, Google challenges K-12 kids across the nation to design a Google logo based on a theme. The 2020 theme was "I Show Kindness By...". Here are F.M.S. Day 3 & 6 Grade 7 students' take on this idea translated into a Google Logo!

Lily S.
“Kindess=Love Love=Family”
You can show love in many ways. One of those ways is through love. My art shows that love is a part of family. I drew the tree to show family, like the family tree. 

Addison D.
“Everyday Acts”
These actions are everyday kindness: using your manners, smile, a sweet note, and giving candy or flowers to someone. All of these actions can make a big difference in a person’s life. When this happens, kindness spreads to others.

Emmaline S.
“Mind and Soul”
My art piece is about music and art. When I joined band and started drawing, I found a community that would support me. I also found friends that also played music and drew and improved those relationships. Music and art helped me connect to people.

Alexis T.
“Show Kindness to Earth!”
My doodle is about caring for the Earth. It demonstrates how you can show kindness by watering plants and even just recycling. These things will help our Earth.

Alanna R.
“Showing the Earth Kindness”
I chose to focus on the environment because the environment has always been important to me and my family. In Acushnet, there are a lot of farms that me and my family support, so that’s why I added the jar and the bee.

Ava M.
“Giving Back to the Planet”
By giving back to the Earth is how I show kindness. Having a healthy planet is important to everyone and you can show kindness by helping our planet. I try to do as much as I can to help the planet like watering plants, not littering, recycling and other things. 

Austin G.
“How People in the World Show Kindness”
My design includes me and my mom and dad picking up trash, Kobe’s gravestone, and people throwing away trash. It is kind to do those things to keep the world neat.

Ava F.
“Helping The Earth”
My artwork is based on kindness by helping the Earth. My artwork shows this example of kindness in many different ways. One way my artwork shows this is by, the girl who is holding a koala, she represents helping the animals.

Ayden L.
“AUS Bush Fires” 
My work is about the bush fires I’m showing kindness by helping put out the fires and helping saving the koalas from the trees.

Blake C.
“Kindness Shows”

Brody D.
“Love The Earth”
My design represents loving our Earth and not letting it get worse. My artwork shows kindness because there are people cleaning the ocean, and people watering plants with hydrates the earth and keeps it healthy. I thought of this because we need to keep the Earth strong and healthy.

Colin S.
“Brooke Sweet”
I ended up doing something about my aunt. My aunt was a very amazing person that died in a car crash not too long ago. She was twenty years old and her name was Brooke Sweet and also did some nice things by giving to people in need.

Daniel F.
“Helping Hands”
My work shows these characters making people feel happy. On the “G” I drew a person trying to get on top, so the person on top helped him. The two “O”’s are laughing with each other, and the “l” dropped his hat, so the “e” helped him pick it up to be kind.

Deihanna M. 
“Someone Needs Help, Animals Who Help”
 I show kindness because by I drew my pet hamster because it’s special. I help nature so people can help Earth clean up the trash.

Ella C.
“Little Bird”

Emma L.
“Giving Food to People in Need"
My design represents me giving food to people that really need it. I think this design is important because of how many people need food these days and are starving.

Griffin L. 
“Bubbling with Memories”
I decided to draw bubbles with memories in them of kind things that I can do in the future and that I have already done.

Jacob M. 
“Changing Earth”
How I show kindness is by helping others. What I mean by this is making Earth a better place. Earth is suffering from a lot of thinks like of course, global warming and deforestation. That is how I can show kindness and help Earth.

Jason R.
“Kindness Is Not Blind”
My artwork is about kindness. The way I showed kindness was by walking a blind person across the street. The kindness is no matter how different you are, you can always be kind.

Kaitlyn R.
“How to Show Kindness to Animals”
My art work is about how I show kindness to animals. What I drew is me speaking to a lot of people about how to show kindness to animals I also drew me playing with an orange and brown dog and it shows me keeping animals happy.

Lucas D.
“Helping Australia”
Australia has been on fire for a long time now and someone has to help stop it or help save the animals. The koala could be endangered because of the fires.They are not safe in the forests so I am going to save some and help the koala.

Luke F.
“Caring for Horses”
My design represents caring for horses. To express this theme, I drew horses and how we are kind to them. My design includes horses.

Nathan R.
“Helping Australia”
My artwork is about helping Australia from the devastating bush fires. I drew a picture of a tree on fire resembling all the wildlife and trees that are dying. I also drew a picture of Australia on fire and the smoke blocking the sun this resembles Australia on fire and how bad the fire is.

Ruby G.
“Donating to See a Smile"
My artwork is about donating money to people that have cancer to become better! I drew these sunflowers which is a cancer flower, hands holding to show that we care for each other, a donation box with money going in it, and hearts to show love for each other.

Tyler V.
“Tyler’s World”

Victoria L.
"Choose Kind!"
Why be mean when you can be kind? My artwork is about showing kindness. The way I showed kindness in my art work was by pushing someone in a wheel chair, so they can get around easier.

Zachary E. 
“Nature Matters, too”
My design represents me helping out nature. The watering hose that I am holding is watering a flower with a leak in the hose that is watering a tree and a bush. This shows that you can be nice without even noticing.