Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2017 Spectacular Seascapes

2016-17 Grade 5 & 6 Art Club worked with guest artist Devin to make these beautiful seascape paintings with acrylic on canvas.

Huge thanks to the Acushnet Cultural Council, a local agency under the Massachusetts Cultural Council, who generously funded this project!

Kiana C., Gr. 5

Cashlyn S., Gr. 6

Dylan M., Gr. 6

Elise D., Gr. 6

Elizabeth P., Gr. 6

Kennedy M., Gr. 6

Kylie G., Gr. 6

Madison A., Gr. 5

Mikayla B., Gr. 6

Matthew T., Gr. 5

Nicholas B., Gr. 6

Nicolas T., Gr. 6

Dylan S., Gr. 6

Olivia P. , Gr. 6

Olivia P., Gr.5

Riley P., Gr. 5

Ryan P., Gr. 5

Sara L., Gr. 6

Trinity J., Gr. 6

Zack P., Gr. 6

Pop Art Portraits

2016-17 Grade 5 students learned about American Pop Art style and artists, and how these artists used bold colors and outlines to represent things important to our popular culture. Students could choose a person or animal on which to base their art work. These paintings were created with acrylic on canvas board.

Aaron P.

Aiden B.

Amanda E.

Brayden A.

Derick C.

Dimitri V.

Dominic G.

Ella L.

Gavin B.

Jeff S.

Justin C.

Kiana C.

Madison A.

Mason B.

Nate G.

Nicholas A.

Noah P.

Sarah M.

Travis W.

Rachel L.