Monday, January 26, 2015

2014-15 "Black Figure" Pottery

The ancient Greeks were known for "Black Figure" pottery style, which combine functional pottery forms for every-day life with intricate designs and patterns that turned black when fired. Our Black Figure pottery pieces were created from Model Magic and decorated with black marker using traditional Greek design elements and pattern work.

2014-15 Egyptian Animal God Sculptures

Grade 6 students created these sculptures inspired by statues from Ancient Egypt. The sculptures were formed from Model Magic clay, then air dried. One hardened, the sculptures were painted with metallic gold paint. Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics were added on top with black marker.

2014-15 Cake Still Life Paintings

These cake still life compositions by Grade 5 students were inspired by Pop artist Wayne Thiebaud. After drawing the cakes to simulate 3-D forms and "decorating" them, students used watercolor pencils to give each cake its own monochromatic color scheme.