Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014 Art Club Anthology

The F.M.S. 2013-14 Art Anthology is a "Who's Who" of F.M.S. student artists from our Grade 7 & 8 Art Club.  These students created their own biography pages and chose art that expresses who they are as artists today. Here are the art works featured in the book. Special thanks to the Acushnet Cultural Council for funding the printing of this book.

To download a copy with all complete pages including biographies to print,  go to the Art Club link on the Ms. Daniels Art Page menu.

Emily D.

Emma M.

Abe D.

Lindsey J.

Isaac M.

Calvin R.

April B.

Maranda G.

Abe D.

Maranda G.

Calvin R.

Lyndsey J.

Lyndsay J.

Jack B.

April B.

Jack B.

Jack B.

Zachary W.

Emma M.

Emma B.

Phineas D.

2014 Festival Award Winners Gallery

The art works in this gallery were awarded ribbons for their excellence. These pieces were also displayed at the Town of Acushnet Art Week Show on May 17 and 18, 2014. Awards were determined by Mr. Green and Ms. Daniels. Congratulations to the winners!

Our displays at the Acushnet Art Week Show, May 17 & 18, 2014

Maranda G., Gr. 7- 2015 Festival Logo Design Winner

Gr. 7 & 8 Art Club's 2013-14 Art Anthology

2015 Winning Logo Design by Maranda G., Gr. 7

Abigail D., Gr. 5

Isabelle P., Gr. 5

Zachary F., Gr. 7

Samantha H., Gr. 7
Emma Blouin, Gr. 7

Ben P., Gr. 6

Olivia N., Gr. 8

Jasmine M., Gr. 8

Elyse R., Gr. 7

Emma M., Gr. 7

Emma M., Gr. 7 (top view)

Amelia M., Gr. 5

Caroline B., Gr. 5

Grace P., Gr. 8 (Wildcat Media Club)

Jordan S., Gr. 7

Caroline D., Gr. 8

Trinity E., Gr. 7

Travis H., Gr. 7

Sydney V., Gr. 8

Sarah H., Gr. 6

Madison H., Gr. 6

Emily B., Gr. 8

Allyson G., Gr. 5

Ben D., Gr. 5

Victoria D., Gr. 6

Victoria V., Gr. 5

Victoria V., Gr. 5
Evan S., Gr. 8