Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 Lion's Club Peace Posters

F.M.S. has been participating in the International Lion's Club Peace Poster Contest since 1996. Thanks to the Acushnet Lion's Club for being out faithful sponsor! The 2013 theme was "Our World, Our Future". These posters were created by semester 1 grade 7 students.

The Acushnet Lion’s Club is awarding the following prizes to our Grade 7 Ford Middle School Winners:
First Place ($35): Emma M.
Second Place ($25): Sara C.
Third Place ($15): Connor H.

Honorable Mentions receive award certificates:
Emma B., Grace D., Kelsie A., Nicole A., Asia E., Abigail G.Samantha H., Jared M., Luke M., Elyse R., and Mackenzie V.

1st Place- Emma M.

2nd Place- Sara C.

3rd Place- Connor H.

Honorable Mention- Abigail G.

Honorable Mention- Asia E.

Honorable Mention- Elyse R.

Honorable Mention- Emma B.

Honorable Mention- Grace D.

Honorable Mention- Jared M.

Honorable Mention- Kelsie A.

Honorable Mention- Mackenzie V.

Honorable Mention- Nicole A.

Honorable Mention- Samantha H.